UNVS Sandcastle Project

Watch each video, one at a time. Close the tab. Come back to this page. Watch all videos one at a time. Repeat. Let’s get it!!

(Sorry this post is so basic – I am not a blogger, but I wanted to make this post to help out)

UNVS (유니버스) – a 5-member boy group (company = Chitwn Music).

Members: Jun.H (leader), YY, Eunho, Changgyu, and Jen (maknae).

If you want to know more – watch Super Rookie : UNVS (available on Viki+/Kocowa, not sure where else)

One of my favorite debuts (their SK debut) of 2020 (FYI: this was not the debut song & they did debut in Taiwan first in 2016).

My bias is Eunho, or maybe YY, or…

UNUs are doing so well with the views for this MV – I hope this can help

The color scheme in the MV alone is gorgeous. This really is a beautifully done MV!

Are you still here? LOL

Still going? We got this!!

Getting close to the end!

One more time, with feeling!

Thanks for helping get those views up!