My KMusic Releases Calendar

This is my Google calendar that I maintain with Korean new music releases (Mostly Kpop, but other genres included). Also Online concerts (post starts with “O:”)

May 2021

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  • Lee Mujin, Jeong Hongil, Han Seung Yoon (ex-Lunafly): Famous Singers (From the "JTBC" TV Show) Pt.3 [Live] (omnibus)
  • Lee So Ra: Proposal (2021 Ver.) (remake single)
  • Millennium (ex-SM☆SH Bomin, ex-VX Jinhwa & Dongjun): PRIVATE (feat. Chae Siyeon) (d.s.)
  • Peppertones: [Vol.94] You Hee yul's Sketchbook : 60th Voice 'Peppertones' (d.s.)
  • Various Artists (incl. f(x) Luna, Kim Hyun Chul, Chuther): We Will Protect You (Dream-I compilation album)
  • eSNa: I Want To Be In Love (Hanpuri Project single)
  • O: W24 World Wide Way S2 (concert) 1 PM KST 05/01
  • Bumkey: The Lady (feat. Moonbyul of MAMAMOO) (d.s.)
  • LeeZe / Lee Ji Hye (The Voice of Korea): My Spring, Your Flower (d.s.)
  • Woohee (Dalshabet): Like as last moment (Find Missing Children Campaign single)
  • Class Mate: Our Moment (s.a.)
  • HIGHLIGHT: The Blowing (m.a.)
  • John Park: Daydreamer (d.s.)
  • Moonbit: Bloom (d.s.)
  • Sumin, Zion.T: Creamppang (d.s.)
  • W24: Once upon a time (Home Recording project single)
  • Yesung (Super Junior): Beautiful Night (m.a.)
  • ZNZN: Hope, Fading (d.s.)
  • studio MOJI: VEGA (feat. Jukjae) (studio MOJI Brand Title single)
  • Ben: Because I am a woman (d.s.)
  • HI CUTIE: Gray Area ()
  • Verbal Jint, Hanhae: Good Morning (feat. Wonstein) (Ten Project remake single)
  • Ahn Ye Eun: Octopus' Dream (re-release single)
  • Ash Island: More ISLAND (s.a.)
  • Jeong Dong Won (Mr. Trot 2): My Favorite (d.s.)
  • MONSTA X: Flavors of love (Japanese full-length album)
  • Punch: We're Breaking Up (d.s.)
  • Colde: I'm In Love (Re:born Project remake single)
  • D: Hyelin (EXID): Lonely (d.s.)
  • D: Pawkey (D.O.B / ex-Road Boyz Maca): SPACE TRAVEL (feat. Bong Geun & Lee Taeyong) (d.s.)
  • Epitone Project: Reason (Vocal by Kim Seonho) (d.s.)
  • Gummy: Autumn Breeze (Episode Ⅶ) (re;code remake single)
  • Joo Won Tak (ex-RAINZ): Disappearing Star (d.s.)
  • Kim Areum: Drive (d.s.)
  • Miso: Slow Running (d.s.)
  • Shaun, Wonstein: #0055b7 (d.s.)
  • Ailee: LOVIN' (pre-release mini album)
  • Amber Liu (f(x)): y? (m.a.)
  • SG Wannabe: Do You Remember (live album)
  • SHAX (U-KISS Jun, SF9 Chani & Hwiyoung, ATEEZ Jongho, JxR Yuri, Ahn Junghoon): MALO (KBS 'Imitation' drama single)
  • 608: Space (feat. Song Yerin (Folk Us)) (d.s.)
  • Jeong Sewoon: [Vol.95] You Hee yul's Sketchbook : 61th Voice (d.s.)
  • Jeongmin (ex-BOYFRIEND): #02 (d.s.)
  • Khundi Panda: MODM : Original Saga (f.a.)
  • Knowing Bros, Highlight, Kim Yuju: Knowing Bros Children's Song Project (project single album)
  • Lee Mujin, Kim Junhwi, Lee Seung Yoon: Famous Singers (From the "JTBC" TV Show) Pt.4 [Live] (omnibus)
  • OMEGA Ⅲ (Jung Jiso, Lim Nayoung (ex-I.O.I), Minseo): Call Me (8282119) (KBS 'Imitation' drama single)
  • R1AN (BOYS24 Kim Yonghyun): LAYERED (m.a.)
  • TOIL: Forever You Remix (remix single)
  • Baekhyun (EXO), Seomoontak: Hurt (d.s.)
  • Fanatics: Starry Night (d.s.)
  • KEEMBO: Whatever (d.s.)
  • NCT DREAM: Hot Sauce (f.a.)
  • OH MY GIRL: Dear OHMYGIRL (m.a.)
  • Second Aunt KimDaVi (Celeb Five Kim Shin Young): UP! (prod. A.Coma) (d.s.)
  • VAV: Always (d.s.)
  • Kim Seungmin: Lie (feat. BIG Naughty) (d.s.)
  • MC Sniper: Chronicles (f.a.)
  • sokodomo: …---… (S.O.S) (m.a.)
  • D: BLITZERS: CHECK-IN (m.a.)
  • D: WJSN THE BLACK: My Attitude (unit debut single album)
  • Heo Youngsaeng (SS501): 소파 (10th anniversary single album)
  • Lee Seok Hoon (SG Wannabe), Rocoberry: Ten Reasons I Love You (2021) (remake single)
  • OurR: can't (m.a.)
  • TWICE: Kura Kura (Japanese single album)
  • 10cm: 5.2 (d.s.)
  • D.Ark: EP1 GENIUS (m.a.)
  • D: EZE (ex-SUS4): EZE 1st DIGITAL SINGLE (d.s.)
  • D: Yuqi ((G)I-DLE): A Page (d.s.)
  • Kang Daniel: Outerspace (feat. LOCO) (Universe Music single)
  • AQUINAS: Lovegame (feat. Choi Ye Geun (K-Pop Star 2)) (d.s.)
  • B.I (ex-iKON), Destiny Rogers, Tyla Yaweh: Got It Like That (d.s.)
  • D: ICECREAM: Feel Me Up (d.s.)
  • D: Lee Mujin (JTBC Sing Again): Traffic light (d.s.)
  • D: University (Muzie & Space Cowboy): Midnight Travel (feat. Gaeko) (d.s.)
  • Gray: Connected (d.s.)
  • ICU: LOOK AT ME (d.s.)
  • ITZY: 마.피.아. In the morning (English ver.) (English digital single)
  • JAY B (GOT7): Switch it Up (d.s.)
  • LA LIMA (Jiyeon (T-ara)): No Answer (KBS 'Imitation' drama single)
  • Jeong Sewoon: [Vol.96] You Hee yul's Sketchbook : 61th Voice (remake single)
  • Jungmo (ex-TraxX): Happy Ending (d.s.)
  • Maddox: Knight (s.a.)
  • Rocket Punch: Ring Ring (s.a.)
  • aespa: Next Level (d.s.)
  • fromis_9: 9 WAY TICKET (s.a.)
  • TRI.BE: CONMIGO (s.a.)
  • Taemin (SHINee): Advice (m.a.)
  • D: E'LAST U: Remember (d.s.)
  • PIXY: BRAVERY (m.a.)
  • Yukika: Insomnia -JP ver.- (Japanese digital single)
  • Bling Bling: CONTRAST (m.a.)
  • Heize: HAPPEN (m.a.)
  • TO1 (prev. TOO): RE:BORN (m.a.)
  • BTS: Butter (English digital single)
  • LULUPOP (v/o: PURPLE KISS): Find You ()
  • Sung Si Kyung: ㅅ(Siot) (f.a.)
  • AB6IX: GEMINI (Universe Music single)
  • Gaho: Rush Hour (d.s.)
  • NS Yoon-G: If You Love Me (2021 ver.) (remake single)
  • EVERGLOW: Last Melody (s.a.)
  • GWSN: The Other Side of the Moon (m.a.)
  • Jung Seunghwan: Five Words Left Unsaid (m.a.)
  • D: Taeho (IMFACT): (s.a.)
  • D: The Volunteers (incl. Yerin Baek): The Volunteers (f.a.)
  • woo!ah!: WISH (s.a.)

UNVS Sandcastle Project

Watch each video, one at a time. Close the tab. Come back to this page. Watch all videos one at a time. Repeat. Let’s get it!!

(Sorry this post is so basic – I am not a blogger, but I wanted to make this post to help out)

UNVS (유니버스) – a 5-member boy group (company = Chitwn Music).

Members: Jun.H (leader), YY, Eunho, Changgyu, and Jen (maknae).

If you want to know more – watch Super Rookie : UNVS (available on Viki+/Kocowa, not sure where else)

One of my favorite debuts (their SK debut) of 2020 (FYI: this was not the debut song & they did debut in Taiwan first in 2016).

My bias is Eunho, or maybe YY, or…

UNUs are doing so well with the views for this MV – I hope this can help

The color scheme in the MV alone is gorgeous. This really is a beautifully done MV!

Are you still here? LOL

Still going? We got this!!

Getting close to the end!

One more time, with feeling!

Thanks for helping get those views up!